Melinsey Mill

Tucked away in one of Cornwalls hidden valleys you will discover Melinsey Mill. This local family business is run from a restored 16th century watermill.

Melinsey is a one off, a wonderfully Cornish mixture of eccentricity and charm. According to county records there has been a mill on the site since 1210 .


According to County records, there has been a mill on the site since 1210. The mill as it stands today has been on site since 1565.

The 16ft cast iron water wheel dated 1882, came from a Truro foundry. Melinsey is a Grist Mill, which means it would produce fodder for livestock. Originally the mill had two sets of stones enabling it to produce granary flour as well. The stone grinding the flour would have come from Brittany, which was the closest and easiest route for transport to Cornwall.

The stones at the mill now are grist stones and would have been made from local granite. The wheel and gearing were once made from oak, elm and applewood.

The last time the mill produced fodder was in 1928. After this date it began to fall into disrepair. In the early 1980's Melinsey Mill was purchased by Dr Frank Clynick who began to restore the mill along with Rick Hancock. Good fortune and hard grind has kept this historic building intact and kept its wheel turning.

Melinsey Mill opened to the public in 1996 and is now owned by Rick and Jackie Hancock.

Published on  24.05.2018